Department carried out the following research projects commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW), Science Research Comittee (KBN) or National Science Center (NCN):

  1. 2006-8 Development of organizational structures of enterprises in knowledge based economy (nr 1 H02D 071 30)
  2. 2012-4 Methodology of designing of organizational systems of entrerprise

Employees own research projects:

  • 2009 The use of scenarios theory in enterprise strategic security system improvement - Paweł Cabała (N N115 043137)
  • 2010 Influence of Information Security Management System on quality of work in local government offices - Sławomir Wawak (N N115 010638)
  • 2013 Model of evaluation of efficiency of business networks - Beata Barczak (2013/11/B/HS4/01030)