Organizational system is a composition of tangible and intangible components that meet the structural, process, coordination and motivation functions. These functions implement the individuals, groups, or teams in the company. Rich legacy of organizational systems design methodology reflects the diversity of contemporary management issues. These problems concern the functioning of the entire company and its subsystems include technical, economic and organizational ones.

The aim of the project was to develop a universal concept of organizational systems design methodology of the company. The object of the research was broad organizational design methodology, in particular their steps, formulas, methods of quantification and application. In the assessment of methodological solutions took into account their epistemological and implicational value, quality and objectivity of measurement, accuracy, timeliness and completeness of data, as well as simplicity, effort, cost-absorption, efficiency and functionality. The study also focused on the identification of the origin of design methods, recognizing the directions of their applications, their possible modifications and attempts to determine the prognosis for further development.

Grant helped fund the publication of two monographs "Methodology of designing of organizational systems of enterprise" and "The practice of designing of organizational systems of enterprise", as well as dozens of scientific articles. In the course of the grant was the original concept of the study of research design methodology organizational systems was developed, as well as tools for research of designing attitudes that can be used in the further development of methods for solving organizational problems.

Companies change simultaneously with the change of economic, technological, social, legal and ecological circumstances. Realized grant has allowed not only to systematize the current knowledge about the nature of the subjects, but also to develop especially those methodologies that take into account the need for a comprehensive, holistic approach to the design of organizational systems. They can be successfully used in such fields of business management as strategic management, operational management, project management, process management, human resource management, organizational behavior and quality management.