The emergence and development of Association

Management Student Association was established in the Cracow University of Economic at the beginning of the 80s Over the years, many students passed through there. They currently work in businesses, government, run their own businesses, as well as work at universities. Since 2010, the Association was renamed Management Process Student Association, and since 2023 Project Management Student Association.

The Association is active at the University, but also works with companies and develop international contacts.

Business Objectives

1 Cooperation with companies:

  • complementing the practical aspects of theoretical knowledge in business activities,
  • knowledge of the realities of management in Poland
  • participation in the research in enterprises,
  • sponsorship of events organized by the Association,
  • creating the possibility of internships in companies.

2 Research:

  • presentation of current management problems and modern methods based on available literature,
  • analyzing and comparing methods of management on the basis of observations in the visited companies
  • preparation of papers on the topics of the MA theses by members of the Association,
  • organizing meetings with experts in the field of management,
  • networking with other organizations interested in management research,
  • seek opportunities for the presentation of the achievements through publications in journals,
  • organizing meetings and conferences, participation in conferences,
  • continued cooperation with the departments of the Faculty of Management.

3 Accompanying activities:

  • popularization of management among students of first and second year,
  • organizing public meetings to popularize the ideas of management,
  • active participation in events held at the university,
  • networking with students of other economic universities,
  • presentation of the activities on the internet,
  • organized excursions and camps for members,
  • participation in rallies and trips organized by other university organizations.


Management Process Student Associacion has its own website where you can find additional information.

Steering commitee: mgr Kamila Kwiatkowska and mgr Małgorzata Zakrzewska.

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