Mon, 10/02/2023 - 20:07

In today’s dynamic world, universities must keep up with the changing expectations of their students and the business environment. Traditional tasks, such as conducting scientific research and offering teaching activities, are often no longer considered sufficient to confirm the competencies of academic teachers. One of the key aspects of modern education is the independent confirmation of competencies. 

Thanks to support from the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program (POWER), the Department of Management Process employees took a course preparing for the IPMA-D certification. After intensive study and preparation, they passed the certification exam. 

Putting ourselves in students’ shoes was crucial to better understand the requirements set by IPMA as part of the IPMA-Student and IPMA-D certifications. This commitment will enable us to better prepare our students for certification exams, equipping them with practical skills and knowledge essential in today’s job market. 

We thank PM2PM, especially Katarzyna Kurylewicz, for organizing and conducting this inspiring training. Thanks to partnerships with industry professionals, we can create modern teaching programs that bring real benefits to students and employers. 

The Department of Management Process does not stand still – we are ready for future challenges and strive to constantly improve our educational programs to prepare our students for success on the labour market.